Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Notes from an Easel-part 75

You can't tell, but the background for this piece has given me real contention, and I've reworked it half a dozen times. God, I'm turning into one of 'those artists', who worry over a shade of white.
It just needed texture but I didn't want to compromise the sense of the image floating in a milky space. In the end, I imagined the skulls was emerging from a primeval fog, which seemed to do the trick. When doesn't emerging from primeval fog help, I ask myself?
I've been forcing myself to spend sometime with Beksinski again. I say forcing myself, because he's one hell of a yardstick to beat oneself with. Francis Bacon and Goya have the same effect on me in all honesty, and I feel like a fucking serf in their wake.

I long to be lost in the contemplation of large scale works fully-the diminutive keeping one foot in the affordable format feels like its dwindling my ambition, but the truth of it is that the large works just aren't selling right now, and I wish I could sell something-I really need to. Shit, if I sold one of those larger works a month, things would be so much less of a struggle for us.
This living from dollar to dollar is as fucking old as I am.

Despite that, I worked a piece today which I think may turn out to be one of the best things I've done when I rework it.
I'm calling it Trinity,and I'll list it on the online yard sale tomorrow.

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