Saturday, April 17, 2010

Notes from an Easel-part 85-Perfumes and Mishaps

I love the smell of my studio in the mornings, the warm comforting aroma of turpentine and oils potent in the air-my own little inner sanctum of incense.
I'm never more happy than when I am working to scale, but by turns I am outgrowing the limited space of my studio.
One of my pieces-albeit unfinished-suffered some minor damage I discovered, punctured by an eyelet after I'd propped it against another canvas.


At this stage, I'm unsure if I can repair it with a patch, or if it warrants a repaint,nevertheless I've resolved that when we return from England, I want to look into the possibility of renting somewhere.

Meanwhile, I am going to be checking out the gallery space for the San Diego Art Institute exhibit, in readiness for drop off next week. Given that I leave for England in just over a week (volcanic eruptions willing) the hope is to have the Trinity piece, complete by then.

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