Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Notes from an Easel-part 86-the Triumvirate.

Give or take a few more flourishes, I am near completion of Trinity-or the Triumvirate to rechristen it with its new, rather loftier title.I'm beside myself with how this piece has turned out-I think its my most accomplished painting to date.

I believe my cat-Pepper, would give a thumbs up too, if she had any. Instead she sits and watches me from the window sill, caught between the rush of fresh air and the heady toxins of the studio, peering from behind the curtain as I move from jar to palette to canvas and back again. I've yet to see if she has learned anything watching me-judging from the litter tray, I think not.

I'll leave it there with a short token video from the Belly Up event the other week, I make a blink and you'll miss me appearance at the 30 second mark and then again at around 1min 50, but its a lively little thing, which present company excepted, is easy on the eye.


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