Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Notes from an Easel-Corrosion

Nothing incenses me more, than when I see a lesser artist dismissing another-as I've stated on innumerable occasions, and will state beyond the point of broken record status-armchair critiques are the easiest things in the world, and in the blogosphere, it is so much easier to be disparaging about something, than get up off ones arse with the intent of Bowies lyric from 'Queen Bitch' resonating-'Oh God, I could do better than that.'
So further to my rant about a certain abstract art, I placed my dribbles where my mouth is, and painted a piece that is a conscious attempt, at combining abstraction as more than an embellished flourish for contemporanious sake.

'Corrosion'. depicts the measure of time melting away, much in the same way as the disintegration and decay of the physical and cognitive. Man and machine as a simulacrum of paint, giving this piece something of a unintentional steampunk flavor, but its there nevertheless.

I would have posted a link to the auction, but its already been purchased, which is marvelous.

In other news, some potentially interesting things afoot, should they happen.

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