Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Carry on Painting.

Week two of 2012 and I'm battling my annual cold, between a commission which I cannot share and a self portrait (which I want not to just yet). I've also been trying to bring Rise to completion-Trying being the operative...a perfect case of disconnect between whats on the canvas and in the minds eye.
Will Rise be my fall? Pun not withstanding.

What do other artists do at such times I wonder? Persevere stoically or make a pyre of failure? That could be an encapsulation of the creative process right there. As well as a splendid title for a painting. I'll carry on regardless.

"Carry on painting"...now there's a movie I'd love to see. Sid James as an old spiv Art dealer, Kenneth Williams and Hattie Jaques as sniffy collectors, Jim Dale would be the undiscovered Art ingenue and Babs Windsor his muse. It would all have to descend into a nude covered in paint farce, Yves Klein style of course.
Perhaps Damien Hirst should option the rights for his next post modern foray into celluloid. He could re-title it "Ooer Misses."

I digress,forgive me it's the fever-Sid James and Yves Klein all in the same post, what a cocktail.

In the absence of anything new then, here's something old-a curio from the archives of 1989, in which I briefly flirted with a kind of surreal cubism- Max Ernst style, making forms from string dipped in paint. Its called 'Woman attacked by moths' or something hopeless like that.

Quite rightly, I was leathered by the Bridewell studio crew for my callow affront- I was so crestfallen, but... I carried on regardless.

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