Sunday, January 8, 2012

...the rumour spread that I was aging fast

Can't believe this chap is 65, perhaps because it means I am getting older too.He's been a soundtrack to my life for over thirty years now, and whilst we can all lament that there shall be no more new music, there's enough legacy to relive our teens for several life times.

drawing is from when I was a young dude myself,back in early 1984 I believe.
Below are my ten favorite Bowie tracks-at least this week.

Many Happy Returns Mr Bowie

  1. Ashes to Ashes
  2. Quicksand
  3. Word on a wing
  4. A small plot of Land
  5. Always Crashing in the same car
  6. Wild Eyed Boy from Freecloud
  7. This is not America
  8. We are the Dead
  9. Planet of Dreams
  10. Untitled no. 1

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