Wednesday, May 22, 2013

John Borowski's Serial Killer Culture

As a general rule of 'dumb', I will not post prospective news, unless it's a 'shoo in' or already out there. Happily, this latest-and not inconsiderable dent in the wall-could fall under either category, as a short time ago, I was invited to contribute some "face time" to a forthcoming documentary by John Borowski entitled 'Serial Killer Culture'.

 Aficionados of such esoterical study, may know Johns several other titles such as H.H Holmes, Carl Panzram and Albert Fish, several of which are mainstays over on Netflix (so check them out)

John Borowski Netflix

His latest project seems no less comprehensive, a veritable dissection of psychopathic devotees, and over several hours-and quite fittingly at Hyaena gallery-I discussed last Octobers Man/son show, my theories about the case, Sinister Architecture, and a number of other 'bumf'. My prattlings shall be accompanied by fellow artisans of the stature of Joe Coleman, Crawlspace Bros,Hart Fisher, Rick Staton and my fellow Hyaena stablemate-Clint Carney.

Come what may, and though I am not present yet, do watch the preview trailer below, and bookmark the website HERE

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