Sunday, October 10, 2010

Upon a Midnight Dreary-an article showcase of David Gough at the Hive Gallery by Dahlia Jane

If I was a little wilted upon returning from Monterey-then I was welcomed with the spirit, lifting herald of this tremendous featured write up on Dahlia Jane's wonderful blog-uponamidnightdreary. I had the pleasure of talking at some length with the lovely Dahlia, last week at the Hive, and I've not read anything so perceptive about my own work before-certainly I don't believe the stalwarts Juxtapoz or Hi Fructose could have done better, so rather than have my own limited words fail me, here are some of hers:
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"At first glance, David Gough’s paintings seem to be about death. Human forms stripped of their skin, hollow eye sockets and sinister grins against an apocalyptic sky challenge the viewer. But, after speaking with him I realized that his paintings are actually about the experience of living in a profound way. David uses death as a window into life the same way that Bowie used outer space as a metaphor for inner space. By exploring and demystifying the symbolism of death, David opens up an avenue for us to confront the way that we live."

You can read the full article from the link here:

Uponamidnightdreary David Gough artist profile

Thank you Dahlia. x

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