Saturday, October 2, 2010

Showboat-Heaven and Hell at the Hive

Tonight's 'THE' night. Part uno of a show that has been a year in the making-The Heaven and Hell show at the Hive.

I am in hell of course;)

Be prepared to have your reality altered as you vie with the glitzy denizens of LAs dark underbelly, and stare at the bloody revelations lining the alabaster walls, composed entirely from the viscera of former C listers and the symbols of some dark order.

Marvel at the sonic howlings of an atavistic Shamen, getting down with the dead souls he has conjured using fire, brimstone and the clanking of ribcages, hit with a femur.

Drink the black elixir of dark enchantment, said to be a cocktail of juices, drawn from well known celebrities as they lay in a detox fever at a rehab clinic.

Actually, I'm lying-none of those things are going to happen,what you will see instead are some of the best works of my life, composed from real blood,sweat, tears and oil paint, whilst listening to some great happening music and drinking a cold beer.

So break yourself from your catatonic reverie, put down your Blackberries and your Ipads, and experience some real world art, in one of the best venues in LA, support living artists and see what keeps me awake at nights.

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