Thursday, September 30, 2010

Head Candy-'The Heat is On'Preview of David Van Goughs Hive show

There's nothing so turgid as discussing the weather, but it thundered here today, ending a five day heatwave that at its peak was 112 degrees.Ironically, it spelled the culmination of fevered activity that has been my studio, for the two shows that have been a year in the making.

Yesterday we hung the show at the Hive, thematically and technically I am beyond delighted with the display, and it was noted by the curator that it's one of the strongest shows he has exhibited.

I've given my all to these shows, and I wish I could afford to take stock for a while, and work on my book.
However basking and enjoying the fruits of my labors isn't an option, the budget for the shows has left us pretty cash poor, and I'm hoping that the returns from the events bring us back from the brink.

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