Thursday, September 2, 2010

Notes from other Easels

Wrapped the collaboration with Mark (Jesinoski) late last night.

I'm exhausted and still too close to the experience to say whether the experiment was entirely successful. I enjoyed the camaraderie, the alchemy and the journey, and though I am fairly happy with what we accomplished in nine hours-needless to say, a month unfettered where I could have immersed myself in just that project and polished it to my usual standard, may have produced something truly magical.

However,it was a lot of fun, and shall provide the centrepiece and an interesting talking point for the forthcoming show at Mosaic this Saturday.

Also dropped off two pieces at Alex Salazars Easel showcase yesterday. It's a pretty spetacular litmus test to the quality of artists here in San Diego-dare I say that there is a scene-but the collection certainly gives rise to some kind of burgeoning artistic movement.

Was most impressed by the featured art of Dan Camp. What a true consomate master that gentleman is-a veritable magician with paint, content, color and composition.
He's a sort Noir,surreal,expressionist and his canvases dwarf everything - I'm honored, if a little intimidated to be showing my very meagre contributions alongside such a giant.

For the time being, I am a few steps short of completing 'Legend', to which I added a little humorous side flourish yesterday-the domestic fly, being singularly insignificant and significant in the grand scheme of things-encompassing,I feel- the sentiments of the piece perfectly.

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