Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Notes from an Easel-liberating death from religion

Getting so close with this piece.
Recent postings of its progress on Facebook have drawn wrong comparisons with the 'Don't Wait' slogan adopted by Christian bumper stickers and such. I honestly had no idea about their use of the image until very recently.

Like I said when I first contemplated painting it, it was an image which I'd conjured up myself, long before falling upon the old 18th century woodcut. To my mind, the image represents a hollow existence in servitude of death more than anything else. In a sense I'm liberating it from religion.

Save some small tweaks, the piece is done.

Have the no small task of dividing my collection for the upcoming shows in October. I'm still some ways from completing all the pieces I have in mind too.

Today I have to drop off two works plus easels at the Alex Salazar show, before completing the collaboration with Mark Jesinoski for Saturdays showcase.

No rest for the wicked as my old nan used to say.

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