Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Art of the Shay Man

"Greed" Oil on Canvas

I first became aware of Shay Davis's work around two years ago. Vast sprawling canvases, full of surreal, multi layered grandeur and bathed in luscious gorgeousness, as well as all manner of dark progeny.

Be it a centaur impaling a rattlesnake with a trident, wild western bandit's sparring on a clockwork railroad, disembodied heads sprouting tentacles or a monumental stone head, rocking on brittle stilts like a propped boat, dwarfing a diminutive elephant sprouting from its jawline below, every piece was painted with the meticulousness of a grand old master.

Unsurprisingly I was to discover upon meeting Shay, that each piece takes months to complete, and that he is currently sequestered for hours completing what will surely be his magnum opus-The Seven Deadly Sins.

"Pride" Oil on Canvas

I've since been honored to share wall space and a growing friendship with Shay, and even if on first appearance, he does remind one a little of a more affable Joaquin Phoenix, it should come as no surprise then that he is also to feature in his own documentary entitled 'Shay Vision' which premiers April 8th at the Birch North Park Theater, here in San Diego.

Tickets are $10 with $1 of every purchase donated to the San Diego Visual Arts Network. For full details go to the following link, get your tickets soon, as this event promises to sell out:


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