Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Drawing in Love-show at Mosaic gallery featuring David Van Gough

The Mosaic anniversary show is next week, so I spent the past week completing three sketches for it.
The show being two days short of Valentines, the theme is 'Drawing in Love' and here are my submissions.
'Chimera Rising'
11" x 14"
Ink, Acrylic and pencil on paper

Regular visitors to my blog, will know that this piece has already been through several incarnations, but until I completed this version I realized what was missing. I've had an aversion to putting wings on any of my muses for some time now, since the connotation with my old work is there, but then I thought that doing something I didn't want to do was as good a reason as any, so it followed.

Chimera of course was a fire breathing creature from Lycia, comprised of animals, and there is something compelling and enigmatic in her manifestation. Beautiful but deadly, sophisticated but primeval, Its that juxtaposition inherent in woman that can enchant man even to his own detriment. The cracks are merely reflections on a false idol.
11" x 17" (approx)
graphite and acrylic on paper

Autonomy was the key to the conception of this one, and so its meaning didn't really reveal itself to me until I was almost complete. Certainly, its an overtly sexual piece, but its mired is in that transcendental moment of orgasm when the self becomes detached and fragmentary from time and space and yet there is that conjoining of the physical through the act itself, so becoming almost a third entity.
9" x 12" (approx)
graphite and acrylic on paper

Without being saccharine (when could one ever accuse my work of that) this was very much about how love is a unifying force, but also means the compromise of the individual as a possession. The arms could be all encompassing or suffocating depending on ones viewpoint and the merging of forms either a consolidation as a whole or the loss of the singular, which is why the figures are androgynous.

The show opens on the 12th February from five pm until 12am at Mosaic Gallery, 3422 30th North Park San Diego, CA 92104

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