Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Head Candy-the elevation of nothing

According to Rolling Stone, John Meyer is the master of the low brow Twitter bon mot.
Ricky Gervais meanwhile, thinks its undignified for adults.
Me-I'm just not so self obsessed that I want to constantly elevate the mundane minitue to the status of "event", so I'm afraid my twatting days are destined to be stillborn.
I will however tell you nuggets such how besieged I am by irrational melancholy when it rains for three days. Or how the seafood at San Diego's Oceanaire restaurant is so succulent it ought to be R-rated. Or how intoxicating I thought my wife looked tonight, and how I wondered what she sees in me.

Do you get a complete picture of my day? Is it all encompassing or just merely one facade of a multi facet?

Watching Sophie Calle on Ovation today, I was left with the notion that the currency of art has become like that of a Twitter apeterif. Trying to redefine the diminutive and trivial to relevance. A momentary sketch of the moment, enigmatic- perhaps, insubstantial-certainly.

The elevation of nothing-rather like this post.
Here are sketches from the last few days.

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