Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Art Rocks Radio

As a last minute addition, I'll be appearing on WS local Art Rocks Radio tomorrow, sometime between 7pm and 8pm.

As one half Irish, I'll be one of those representing the artistic contingent in anticipation for St Patricks day, as well talking about my art and whatever else pops up esoterically.
You can listen to the show at the following link:

Art Rocks Radio

Two of my works are also in the running for the Pacific San Diego Magazines Most Modern Art contest.

The winning entry will end up on the cover, and so far I am
30 votes behind the leader. With two days to go before the close of polls, it's likely a shoo in who will win at this point, but at the very least I may hope to get a mention as a runner up in the residual article. To vote firstly click Like on Pacific Magazines Facebook page:


The click like for one or both of my entries:

Shadow Entry

Ghost of Medusa Entry

My thanks in advance, along with apologies for the linksanity of this post, normal viewing shall resume soon.

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