Sunday, March 13, 2011

Life stuff

Sitting in Starbucks amongst the hub bub of normalcy on a Sunday morning. Customers ordering frappuccino lattes, valley girls jabbering a million miles a minute about nothing of note at the next table.
It's difficult not to be reminded of the superficial absurdity of it all, when looking at images from the Tsunami. Nothing so trite as adding some vacuous soundbyte to the incomprehension of 10,000 fatalities on the Twittervese or Blogosphere either.

I shalln't even try.

It does remind you however, of how tenuous everything is, forces you to savor the minutia. At least one hopes it does. That's how it's been this weekend. Drinks and karaoke with family, breakfast with a friend, dinner and a movie with my wife.
For me, the world never makes more sense than in the studio, there I can reorder the chaos. Recapitulate anew. Feel possibly immortal or something.
So progress on the aptly titled 'Osmosis' goes to plan, more layers to add, but it evolves surprisingly with ease.

And I finished another piece for the series of drawings I am working on, which goes by the working title of 'Paradox', but may end up being called 'Flux'.

Tomorrow, I'll be releasing details of my book Dead|Ends-which friends of my Facebook, have already gotten a preview of.

All the life stuff then.

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