Sunday, March 27, 2011

Joshua Tree

We're back from a two day sojourn to Joshua Tree. It was cold, windy, inhospitable and alien-everything in fact that is the prerequisite to fire my imagination.
At night the gale tugged at the tents canvas, so we curled in our sleeping bags like pupae,awaiting the eye of the storm. And I had the most vividly,epic dreams.

It was perfect. Thank you my darling wife-x

What did I miss whilst I was away?

Well, my daughter-Emma, was part of an exhibit that's going on called Studio 121,
showcasing second year BA Hons Fine Art students. I've only seen a small photo sample of her work on display, but it looks like a tremendous combination of cubist collage and naturalism, and I say that without a hint of bias.
I'll post photos as soon as I have them.

The show is currently showing at:

The CUC Liverpool
41-51 Greenland Street
Liverpool, United Kingdom

Emma also has a blog of her own, which you can follow here:


I also received news about something which I should be able to confirm over the next few days-past indiscretions have taught me the folly of spilling beans before money is in the bank, so to speak, but I think I am on fairly safe ground to tell you that good things are afoot, or at least a small toe.

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