Thursday, March 24, 2011

David Gough inspirations-day four : British TV Titles in the Seventies

Day four of five things that influenced me as a kid

Perhaps it was the result of some residual psychedelic Acid trip from the Sixties at Broadcasting house's Art department, but there seemed to be something positively unsettling about some British TV in the Seventies.

Whatever it was, the shows titles alone seemed designed in some Orwellian lab, to imprint dark nightmarish visions on an impressionable young cerebellum. Certainly for this artist, they colored an already fevered imagination.

Take 'The Tomorrow People', billed as a children's Television show about superbrained adolescents, no doubt some of the plots would have gone completely over my head even now, But the title sequence still puts the fear of dark Gods into me.

U.F.O came from the same stable as Thunderbirds, except
as opposed to puppets it was Aliens that looked in the throws of epilepsy, Ed Stryker and the delicious Gabrielle Drake looking like a throwback to 2001. The end sequence can still give me cold sweats.

Armchair Thriller WAS on usually after Ovaltine and as I was about to be ordered up the stairs, but try falling into a wistful slumber with this sequence resonating in your skull.

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