Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Head Candy-Antsy and Arty

These Wednesday periodicals with the Jesinoski fella, are becoming a welcome diversion.

I envy Mark's setup-he sleeps on a makeshift bunk, in a studio
converted from a chapel in the 'Bario'. Stretchers scattered in corners, painted canvases block light streaming through the windows, his dogs vie for a single sofa and beyond the black iron gates of his studio, authentic taco shops aplenty, served to you by ample bosomed Latina's.You also take your life in your hands after the sun goes down. Its keeping it real, and its enough space to contemplate, enough space to work. Not a single diversion beyond the hum of traffic from the 5 overpass.

So, four hours of experimental artistry, and who knows, perhaps nothing but the journey to show for it.

Blacklist film fest is pending, so too is the Mosaic and Salazar show.

The canvases will not paint themselves.

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