Saturday, August 21, 2010

Head Candy-the sun can wait

A week from the next show, and I'm feeling more than the burn of the heatwave.
I've never been so completely immersed as an artist-living and breathing it for ten, to fourteen hours a day-have I been faking it all this time-I don't know!?!

With all these show's, one would hope I sell something. Something's got to give.

Really want to catch some exhibits downtown this weekend-Renzo at Alex Salazar's gallery for instance,maybe even feel some sun on my face.

Except the sun will have to wait-seven pieces to nail between now and September 26th delivery date-going to be a long hot summer. Here's a song to remind me of the summers of my youth when I had nothing else to worry about except chasing girls and expanding my record collection.

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