Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Notes From Two Easels-Speaking in tongues, session one collaboration between David Gough and Mark Jesinoski

Add ImageMajor exciting day in which myself and Mark Jesinoski collaborated on two panels consecutively as a project for the Speaking in tongues show at Mosaic, Sept 4.

Working side by side, without seeing what the other artist was painting, we would switch panels every hour, as a catalyst to the surreal and the abstract, to see if we could draw a balance between the two pieces.
It's an odd dichotomy,akin to marking your territory on someone else's pissing ground, and I'm not sure if the integrity of splatters are always successful working blind like that, but its liberating.

I guess the closest thing to it is a musicians jam, except as the third hour turned,we began to realize the folly of constantly editing out the other voice to be heard, and will begin reigning in the endless noodling by the next session.
Here-for all their naked fumbling's, are the results of our first session.

We reconvene next Wednesday.

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