Thursday, August 12, 2010

Notes from an Easel-Disintergration

Worked on laying the foundation for this one today.It took me a while to loosen up again after the two week break from oils.
My hand is doing better, but I'm still having to be mindful of keeping the wound clean whilst it heals, which means I can't brace the brush in the manner that I'm used to. My hand cramps and its frustrating.

Add the whole open guest house thing, and I'm realizing that working from a studio at home is getting old. Once October's shows are done, I need to start setting in motion looking for a work space which is secluded from any future distractions.

With that said, the first full day back at work isn't going too badly-I'm keen for the piece to dry so I can get on with the detailing, but all told I'm fairly happy with the results.

The video interview from the RAW event came in today.
Lani looks lovely at the 24 second mark, and it's got a nice kind of pop video style, and you can see how I'm trying to stay positive, when I say the words ' I'm positive about RAW' -even though I'm clearly wondering what I'm doing there.

It's more of a vehicle for RAW anyway, which is almost certainly the point, so I maintain everything I said about the event, apart from the head shot's,which were top.

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