Monday, August 2, 2010

Head Candy-Giving the finger to days gone by

It would be all too easy, to say that the weekend ended as it began-RAW.
I've damaged two fingers on my right hand, trimming hedges, which is ironic if I tell you that after the debacle that was Friday, I'd made a decision to start cutting back on some of the excesses in my life.

I'm lucky I didn't sever my digits completely-the hedge trimmer sliced so deeply to the bone, that the tips were hanging from my fingers.
I've been sewn back together like Frankenstein, but the pain and possible damage to my nerve endings mean I may be out of action for a week or so.

Its ghastly, but I'm thankful that it wasn't worse.
Friday-on the other hand-is a far uglier tale, and one which I will tell, once I've finished typing it with one finger.

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