Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Blacklist Art and Film Festival featuting the art of David Van Gough

Simply blown away last night. Blown away by the enthusiasm of the attendees, the organization of the event, the quality of art and film on display.

The antithesis of the Raw event last month in fact.

Its a beautiful venue-like stepping back in time to the old cinemas of the 1920's that would have been called the Roxy. Gorgeous gold leaf trim, ornate nouveau flourishes-perfect ambiance for the contemporary cutting edge of art house cinema .
In the midst of all my recent frenzy, I've become less discerning about my work, so its always reinforcing to hear how well received everything is also. I lost count of the number of cell phone pictures people took of my work-perhaps I should begin charging a fee.
I couldn't really complain on that front either however, since print sales were healthy.

The consensus on the Ghost series was the most marked, I mustn't let the pathetic commercial fortunes of their EBay showing, discourage me from continuing the series.

Knocked out a small study the day before too, for a piece I want to do for next month called 'It's a God eat God World', which was also well received.
Shall post scans soon.

On a humorous side note, I was approached by an old dear, who although made the comment that she enjoyed my 'oil technique', did trot out the old chestnut of wondering if I painted anything less 'dark.'

I felt compelled to remind her that she was at a Horror art and film festival.

Grand times.

The movie shorts by turns were eclectic and wonderful-the stand out piece for myself, a nine minute masterwork from Canada entitled Danse Macabre. I can only find the trailer online, but what it is something so innately part of my geography and the place where I live, that I'd like to post the piece in its entirety if I can, as it deserves to be seen.

So thank you Chris and Jeff Speed, my fellow artists and everyone who attended, bought prints and supported me with there interest and enthusiasm-you are the oil that runs wheels of my engine.
Only wish I'd have felt less absent during the event, I was exhausted.Five days of heavy painting, five nights of swarez's finally caught up with me.

I need to take better care of myself, as I am fighting a sore throat.

On the plus side,my fingers are healing and the distraction of the last month is temporarily on hiatus for a week, so I can look forward to complete tranquil seclusion in the coming days.

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