Friday, August 20, 2010

notes from an easel-death complex-new painting by David Gough

It's been noted before that I have something of a death complex.
Here it is then.

It expresses the way in which the mind creates a myriad maze of rationale for a possible afterlife, one which is filled with blind alleyways, wrong turns and endless wanderings. I thought I was done with the skulls to be honest, but this one presented itself in that momentary lapse between waking and sleeping, and burned itself into my minds eye. I really would like to follow through and repaint it in oil.
Though, if there were such things as miracles, then I'd consider it a manna from heaven, that I'm able to produce anything at the moment.

At a time when I need complete contemplation and total tranquility, the amount of distraction I have had to contend with of late, is beyond the pale.

I'd Entertain the real possibility of hauling my entire studio to some remote campsite, and live out of a tent for a few weeks, except the heatwave is in full miserable flow.

I anticipate a lot of late nights ahead of me.

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